Dear Mean People.

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They say that if you have nothing nice to say – shut the f*ck up.

So please, however much it bothers you, do not waste my, or your time, with harsh and rude comments on my blog. If you do not agree with the stuff I say, that is FINE. You can even tell me that nicely. But do not put horrible comments. We’re all human here. Keep the peace yo homies.

Ok rant over. Bye.

Lilith x


Christmas time!

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I hope you all have an amazing Christmas. Just for you:

Lilith x

Oh and by the way, I re did my about me page. Because I love gifs and I have no life. Feel free to check out the awesomeness that is me ūüôā



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I can’t sleep.

I struggle with sleep, and I find that it only comes in the early hours of the morning.

I’m fighting a war with myself.

I’m in an unhappy relationship and I’m too weak to do anything about it, my teachers are disappointed¬†in my lack of work, I’m missing someone who I can’t have, and personal issues have driven a wedge between my mother and I.

Some take to self harm, to going off the rails, to shouting about their problems. Some eat their feelings, while others don’t eat at all. I’ve tried most, if not all, of¬†those,¬†but it seems my way of release is by the help of Paracetamol and household medication. Lots of it.

I’ll take 5 paracetamol¬†before I go to bed plus some others if I need it. (For those who don’t bother reading the directions of use of paracetamol, you should only take two at a time¬†minimum 3 times a day)¬†It takes a few minutes before it takes effect, but the next moment, its broad daylight and I realise I’ve slept through all four of my alarms and I’m late for school.

And during that school day, the insides of my head pounds, my body shivers every now and then. But nobody else knows what I’ve just done, and that’s fantastic. My scars aren’t visible. And I’ve finally been released.

So nobody has to know.

It’s my own way of release, that doesn’t cause problems to anyone else. Nobody forces me to do anything. Nobody complains that I don’t eat enough. Nobody complains that I’m ruining my skin. Nobody has to know anything.

It’s perfect.

Lilith x

Borneo Expedition!

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Dear followers… or whats left of them.

I, Lilith, apologize for being a crap blogger for not posting. Bad bad me.

Formalities over, could I ask you guys a favour? Could you check out my Borneo Expedition blog? *Cue puppy eyes* Pretty please with a cherry on top?

I’ll be going there to help with community, environment, and wildlife projects for a month. I’ll also be learning their language and culture, and helping with baby orangutans.

Oh and by the way, yeah my name’s Josie. Short for Josephine *Cringes* :S

Love Lilith/Josie


The worst thing…

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I am a horrible person.

We (Me and C ma bezzie) were at an air cadet camp for the whole week. if anyone was wondering, or if anybody cared for that matter. It was great. Lots of new friends and great experiences. Went flying, and yes they actually let me control the plane. And yes, we didn’t crash ūüėģ

But still, I am a horrible person.

I did the worst of things.

I don’t really have a word for what I did. Let me introduce Corporal Flirt.

This guy, liked me. A lot. And he was fit, I’ll give him that. We both knew that I had a boyfriend, but that didn’t stop me from¬† nice remarks, smiles, and flirts. He sent them to me, and I didn’t block them. he held my hand, and¬†I let him.¬†But that was as far as we got. That was as far as I let him.

There was this other girl who was after him, and boy she made that very clear. But I was the only one in his eyes.

Which was why it was so hard for me to tell him that we should pretend this never happened. What happened on camp stayed on camp. I told him he had to forget about me. The sooner the better.¬†I was actually surprised he did. After the whole of today persuading him, he finally didn’t look at me again for the coach back. And that was fine by me. Even though deep down I wanted him to look back. I know I’m never going to see him again. For the better.

This camp has shown a side of myself that one) I am ashamed of and two) didn’t know existed…

I’m home now. Sitting comfortably with a mug of hot chocolate. Yum. I’m back home. I’m back to my boyfriend.

That’s where I want to stay.

What I did was wrong. But at least I tried to fix it.

Lilith x

The ‘Thigh-Gap’ and the joys of being a mermaid…

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Screw Thigh Gaps. If your legs are touching, you’re one step closer to becoming a mermaid, so who’s the real winner here.

– My favourite Facebook Status of all time.

Who knew such a small thing can cause so much havoc to teenage world?

I’m sure you’ve seen those photos with skinny girls with #thighgap¬†I cannot honestly see the point of advertising the distance from one thigh to the other. Miles centimetres or non existent! What is the world’s obsession with this?! I have no idea, so would someone please tell me! I must be missing something!

Sure, I have one, but why advertise it? If you have one: Good for you. If you don’t: Good for you! It honestly does not matter! The amount of girls I see going crazy over the ‘glorious and amazing thigh gap’ *Cue sarcastic Jazz hands* It’s ridiculous!

Just saying. Who doesn’t love mermaids? Admit it; you’ve always wanted to be one. No? Well then you are very weird.

Oh. Is it just me again?

Lilith ><‘> (You like my fish? It’s my sexy fish. Say hi to Bob! Just keep swimming Bob. Keep on Swimming… >.<¬†)

A follow on from the best night of my life… (And an intro from Captain Jack Harkness)

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Facebook; ¬†watching other people¬†suddenly become fascinated about your life¬†as you change your relationship status. Suddenly, thousands of people you never talked to message you demanding who you’re going out with, is he hot, his name, and his whole life story.

Geez. My life guys.

Yeah. This happened to me a couple of days ago.

I, Lilith, am in a relationship with M.
He called me, thanks to the best friend who gave him my number. He’s called all the time sincce, and he came round my house to hang out last weekend. He had to sleep over since we were watching so much Torchwood. (God I love Captain Jack Harkness. He’s just so perfect and gay but I don’t care, he’s just ahhhhh. Anyways. Off topic.)


I know you are. I can see you.

Soon huh? I barely know the guy and I’m tuning into such a soppy¬†girl. Warning, this blog will be contaminated with lovey dovey stuff in the future. You have been warned.

Love Lilith x

PS If you dare start singing Lilith and M sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G¬†I will find you. And I will kill you. ūüėČ


To finish this post, how about a a quote or four about Jack Harkness;) (This post has completely lost the whole plot. Oh well.)

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